Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Love Mr.Nuff

SmileyStarted my morning today feeling quite heavy.
Frustratingly feeling bloated to be exact.
Macam masuk angin. 
yeah rite...angin..
Had a very vague memory of the varieties of
raya delicacies yang I merrily feasted on Smiley
for the past 1 week. I tell you...way too much.
Seriously, I can't go on stuffing food into my greedy mouth 
like this or else I will end up pumping fast like that big,
yellow, round Digi balloon.
Like it or not, I must reschedule my time 
and rearrange my list-to-do for tomorrow. 
Reluctantly, I am. But I must get up fast and drag myself 
back to the right track. Duhhh.

Having said so, I am so-the-very- crucially in need to :
* detox...detox...detox
Trust me. Feeling bloated is not comfy at all. 
I have this prolong sensation that resembles over eating 
and feeling pretty gassy all the time.

Now, wait people...
this is a completely different thing than being fat, okay...
You see...when you are fat your tissues have an 
abnormally high percentage of fat cells.
But when you are bloated those tissues of yours have a 
normal percentage of fat cells. 
The fact is...you are just swollen due to excessive gas and fluids.
*again...the art of escapism*
While reducing your calories and increasing the pedaling
 on your Takashima airwalker
are commonly thought as able to get rid of fat cells..
sadly still, they won't help at all when your real problem
 is actually bloating.

And so I rummaged into my kitchen cabinet in search for the white-blue box.
My excellent memory proved me sane for I managed to grab few
 'surprisingly unexpired' remaining sachets of my Juvanex.

Not that I disfavour Eno...you know.
Click here if you want more info on this amazing product

And the list goes on...
* sambung balik my exam paper marking
(2 more classes to go. I'm dead.) 

* put my culinary skills to test..pizza baking
perfect pizza
Credit goes to Mr.Google
my persuasive Abby kept on asking..
"When la mumy mo bikin itu pizza..
mummy suda janji kan...tuaaari lagi..")
Somehow, I regretted promising...

* check my long abandoned email
my fellow teacher friends promised to submit 
their subject analysis by email during this raya holiday 
(which you see.. I very much doubt...haha)
Come on. Everybody will be superb busy entertaining
other tempting, irresistible stuffs this raya.. haa

 * proceed with the subject analysis thing
(17 subjects. I should have started hitting 
the keyboard keys for this thing 1 week ago...sighs) 

* prepare my daily lesson plan for next week
Worksheets. And oh..notes for students as well. 
what the...
Never mind.

Well, you see...I have got so many tasks. 
Yet so little, cramped time left.
And here I am busily munching on cakes and wafers
giggling away with the Glee's moon and stars. Duh.

So with all those incomplete, unfinished business hovering
over my indecisive mind on which task should I embark on first..
I slowly took my seat in front of my red lappy 
and peeped into my Nuffnang earnings..
I rubbed my sleepy eyes. Blinked profusely
then rubbed them again. Blink.Blink.Blink.
I got 2 BEs from Mr.Nuffnang
And that has at least made my day and put smiles on my face...
I love you Mr.Nuff
I really do

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tragic September

Could not be true. Please don't tell me that this is true. 
Do console me that this is only a random speculation. 
Should it be true, then what more could we hold to ensure safety out there.. 
What a dreadful, horrendous, terrifying way to end one's life. 
The shocking, spine-chilling ending could happen to anybody without our knowing. 
People that we love the most are gone in seconds and the thought of not being able 
to say proper goodbye to them intensely hurts like hell.

Klik sini untuk berita lanjut

I sincerely hope this is not the final, concluding outcome of the 
missing Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya and her companions' missing case. 
For one visional lady entrepreneur like her, I am sure 
she still has lots of brilliant ideas in store to offer and share with us all. 
Please do not let them die.